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Just a few years in, LeadConnect Consultancy Services has established itself as the fastest-growing staffing company in Chennai. We are specialists in permanent & leadership hiring, naturally evolving to offer a dynamic suite of talent management solutions. Our team aims to deliver an exceptional service to our clients and candidates in everything we do.

Our mission is to create opportunities for people and increase your organization’s bottom line by maximizing your human capital assets’ potential. We believe it is imperative to take the time to understand every client’s unique objective and the goal they want to reach to provide outstanding customer service.

If you’re a business that wants to leave their hiring to an agency, we can help! The benefits of using our service allow you, to concentrate on the core functions of your business while we focus on recruitment.

World-class Staffing Company in Chennai.

Experience The Difference.

A group of experienced and passionate recruiters joined forces to establish LeadConnect Consultancy Services, a leading staffing company in Chennai with a singular clear vision – to be a trusted partner setting the standard of excellence for recruitment in India.

We are the best staffing company in Chennai. We’re passionate about the impact that great employees have on business performance. Our fresh approach to recruitment and talent management helps our clients secure and develop the right people for their organizations – people that will stay and perform. Our staffing company in Chennai functions as one unit. We are a staffing agency wired with goals and values to enrich companies’ working capital. 

What’s important to us is excellent customer service, and we strive to assist each customer with fully customized solutions where compliance meets efficiency. 

In partnering with our clients, LeadConnect seeks to gain a thorough understanding of your business requirements and culture. That way, we can recruit the right individual for your company’s needs. Our recruitment process allows us to know our candidates and foster long-term, respectful relationships with them. 

It allows us to understand each candidate’s wants and needs in our community to be sure we are connecting you with the most decisive matches for you and your business.

GLC has over twenty years of combined experience recruiting for permanent positions across the nation. We work with clients to source high-caliber candidates at all levels of seniority and specialism. Whether picking up the baton mid-process or starting from scratch, we can quickly develop a shortlist of candidates to match your requirements and ultimately deliver a successful placement.

While utilizing our extensive network, we also put a bespoke campaign together using tried and tested tactics to attract the best talent in the industry. We combine our recruitment and sector expertise to ensure that all candidates presented to you have the correct skill-set, capabilities, and high levels of cultural alignment with your business. 

We transform workplace performance into a critical competitive advantage that delivers real business benefits. Our staffing company in Chennai has a team of dedicated specialists who work with clients and candidates to provide strategic business and career guidance. We aim to provide the best staffing solutions based on your specific requirements and preferences. 

EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES WITH LeadConnect Consultancy Services

Recruitment Services To Companies Seeking Quality Talent

A Staffing Company in Chennai That Finds The Right Talent, Always!

Our staffing company in Chennai provides an economical way to procure talent for your organization. Be it a single professional to complement your team or an entire workforce. Our success’s cornerstone is the business honesty and integrity in which we work with clients and partners.

We use the industry-leading provider of skill to design highly customizable and tailored assessments for your specific industry. We’re able to filter and cross-reference our talent network with a fair degree of control—showing you the best talent available without all the noise.

We believe that our transparency with our clients is what sets us apart from our competition. We make sense of the organization’s specific needs and objectives with our cost-effective solutions and customized strategy.

LeadConnect believes that individuals create success via the strong relationships we build with job seekers and our clients. Our commitment to these relationships enables us to rise to the top of the competitive staffing market.

Our people have the experience, connections, and industry knowledge that gives them the edge in sourcing talent for your company. We’re not here to make empty promises – we’re here to make connections between great people. People like you.

We source and place high-quality professionals. The people who bring excellence and expertise to tackle your challenges. Please help us understand the culture and what makes someone successful with your company.

Recruitment Services

Best Staffing Company in Chennai

Our recruitment services follow a Customer-Centric approach to your business. Our process involves a deep dive into your company, culture, and your ideal candidate profile. We then create a specialized recruiting template for you based on your company’s goals and needs.

Executive Hiring

Hiring a senior executive for your business can be time-consuming and costly if the selection is incorrect. A premier senior management recruitment consultant in Chennai brings you the talent your organization needs to scale dynamically and lead effectively.

Permanent Hiring

We’ve shaped our permanent hiring process to take up as little of your time as possible while ensuring that you get the best candidates for your vacancies. We will create bespoke plans to fulfill your recruitment needs.

Contract Staffing

Whether you are looking for a fixed-term solution or a specialist skillset to help transform your business, we can provide you with the perfect talent for your team.

Contract To Hire

Our Contract to Hire opportunities to give both the candidates and the employers a chance to try an employee before making a long-term commitment.

Flexi Staffing

The hiring process is tedious and expensive, especially when you’re looking for candidates with specific qualifications and skills. LeadConnect offers completely flexible staffing solutions.

Human Resources

Whether you’re an entrepreneur in need of a freelance HR consultant or hiring an HR professional for a global corporation, LeadConnect can help you find the perfect candidate.

Reliable and Efficient Staffing Services in Chennai.

We believe working with a staffing company that understands your requirements is very important to you. We see it as a vital ingredient in your recruitment process. We focus on connecting companies with the right people through an unrivaled depth of experience and expertise every step of the way.

Our dynamic leadership team collectively contributes to a wealth of business knowledge and experience and commonly held values around ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

We make a point of functioning only with high caliber job seekers & outstanding individuals that will undoubtedly deliver remarkable performance. They engage with us because we can provide them with rewarding opportunities and guidance at every phase of their career advancement.

LeadConnect’s core values are about making people the foundation for success. As your staffing company in Chennai, we make every effort to offer the best prospects the marketplace has to offer.

It is important to remember we’re working with both employers and candidates. We know finding the right job is crucial to people’s lives and well-being. We treat all of our candidates with respect and do our best to be as responsive and straight-up as possible.

We endeavor to build an ongoing relationship with each of our clients to provide you with recruitment support as and when you need it. Our team of recruitment specialists has experience across various industries to find a suitable candidate for whatever role you have vacant.

Our services are structured solutions, developed to meet your challenges in terms of human resources. Help us understand the culture and what makes someone successful with your company.

Our Staffing Solutions Provide Stability To Your Existing Workforce.

By trusting us to find the next member of your team, we understand you’re placing the future of your business in our hands. You can also trust that we’ll do a lot more than supply you with a couple of CVs. Our recruitment process will connect you to the candidates best qualified to help your organization ahead. 

We’ll function very closely with you to evaluate your specific HR requirements and define your people strategy, offering expert advice and education to help you achieve your goals. To us, that means correctly promoting your brand, engaging a vast network of passive and active talent, and shortlisting only the qualified individuals we believe will undoubtedly thrive in your culture.

Through providing the finest corporate staffing solutions, we have become a critical working partner to many of the region’s leading employers, including local businesses, major blue-chip companies, and market leaders. Our rapid growth is due to a dedication to offer the best staffing service while remaining competitive on cost.

We’ll brief and prepare candidates for interviews, conduct negotiations, and whether successful or not. We’ll also make sure all candidates receive a positive experience that reflects your brand and ensures your reputation in the market is protected. Consider LeadConnect as your very own staffing company in Chennai.

We believe that relationships are based on chemistry and trust. To us, the real value of recruitment lies in the ability to attract and retain these relationships, just like the magnetic metal we’re named after.

Expect More From Your Staffing Agency in Chennai.

We deliver recruitment and staffing solutions all across the country, combining national reach with local expertise. Our specialist recruitment consultants work alongside candidates and clients, connecting highly skilled people with fantastic job opportunities.

We are a 100% Indian-owned recruitment agency with extensive commercial and industrial recruitment experience built to deliver that expertise to our clients – always acting in their best interest. The reality is that our clients generally come to us because they have a problem to solve. 

As a staffing solution provider, we iron out the unique predicaments they face, with efficient, cost-effective outcomes that benefit the client. We achieve this by carefully understanding what makes their business and culture – theirs. It enables us to tailor their job vacancy criteria and respond quickly and efficiently to staffing needs and trends.

Simply put, we give you the staff you need when you need them. From the first contact to well after placement, we work to ensure that both candidate and client are highly satisfied with the service we provide. Get in touch today with the best staffing company in Chennai. 

To maintain the highest customer service levels and effectiveness to both clients and candidates, we constantly review and develop our recruitment practice and supporting systems and processes.

We’re a passionate team equipped with the skills and support needed to work in a way that suits you best. It’s just one of the reasons why we stand out from the crowd.

Driving Productivity & Performance of Organisations.

With proven expertise and trusted experience, We’ve got you covered. There are several universal truths that we understand and respect at LeadConnect when it comes to recruitment.

The most important for many businesses is the significant consumption of time and cost in finding the right candidate, someone you’ll invest in for the long run. Where to advertise? Which websites should you post? How to go about profiling applications? How to shortlist candidates for the best selection of skills?

As your staffing company, we answer your questions, delivering a consistently high-performing selection process, an industry-leading system that is second-to-none in the industrial, trades, and technical recruitment industries. References and qualifications are checked, giving you confidence that the shortlist we present is top-notch.

However, we are also the first to admit this process isn’t always easy. While we try to get it right, there are some occasions that we won’t, but we will work to ensure this doesn’t happen very often, if at all.

We strive to provide both clients and candidates with the best possible service. Our recruiters work in a friendly, dynamic, and creative work environment best described by freedom and responsibility, where they have the opportunity to think outside the square to solve your recruitment needs.

We are a trusted partner to our clients and candidates. LeadConnect understands that your time is valuable. That’s why we strive to only offer only the most suitable candidates for your specific needs first time.

Talent Pool and Career Management.

LeadConnect helps businesses to plan their staffing strategies to ensure that future management structures are identified and developed effectively. With search and selection, interim and permanent placement divisions, LeadConnect has developed a time-served process that relies on total discretion and professionalism.

Whatever the industry and the level of position you are looking to fill, we feel sure that our service will deliver them. Headhunting works on the premise that the best candidates are already employed, serving in and excelling at precisely the capacity you need to fill. It makes headhunting a logical approach.

In today’s recruitment market, 60% of candidates are passive, and only 30% actively seek new employment. The remaining 10% are not interested in seeking new employment.

A contingent recruitment model will only give you access to 30% of the candidate pool from multiple agencies using the same job boards racing to send you the CV first. Is your supply chain of Recruiters spending their time unlocking 90% of the recruitment market?

Our Staffing Company in Chennai’s retained search model will increase the likelihood of your business making the right hire. Would you mind speaking to one of our consultants to find out more about our head hunter search option?

Our core values remain the same. It means that we treat our clients, candidates, colleagues, and community how we want to be treated ourselves. A dedicated staffing company in Chennai delivering expert workforce solutions.

Finding Great People, Delivering Great Performance.

Being Chennai’s top Staffing Company, we specialize in recruiting skilled personnel across the public and private sectors. We partner with companies across several industries, using our industry expertise to ensure our clients and candidates find their perfect match every time.

We aim to deliver client satisfaction with a service that is proactive and professional at all times. Our team of consultants and account managers has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their specialist fields. At LeadConnect, we partner with our clients to have a complete understanding and knowledge of your business. It is essential to know that your recruitment partners work from a solid foundation of competency and compliance and operating ethically and professionally.

Our clients enjoy a 96% employee retention rate (within the first two years). We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we strive only to offer only the most suitable candidates for your specific needs the first time. We want to contribute to your success by providing you with talented and highly committed staff.

We aim to seek out the perfect hire to compliment your permanent workforce and enable you to quickly and efficiently bolster your team when the need arises. Our thorough understanding of your requirements and personable approach will allow us to tailor our recruitment plan and find your perfect match.

Our detailed candidate search & selection process has produced excellent results thus far, achieving on average an interview to placement ratio of 3:1. Finding great people and delvering great performance for skilled industries across the nation.

Your Meet Them Through Us. We See People Differently.

To be noticed in our industry, talent is sometimes not enough. Your recruitment consultant at LeadConnect is your dedicated job-hunter and your best advocate.

We have an extended network and close relationships within the industry, giving us access to a wide variety of roles (many of which are not advertised). Our goal is to listen to you, support and guide you, and help you find a job that is the right fit for you and your career.

Everything we do is about building relationships that work. We care about you and the success of your business and want to help you create the strongest possible team. Our focus is to save you time, reduce stress, and – most importantly – find you the right person for your role.

We know the industry, understand our clients and place the best people in the correct positions. Our relationships are based on trust, integrity and, above all, mutual respect.

We act as a consultancy and advisor to clients and candidates – not just as an order taker. We listen carefully, don’t make assumptions and ask sensible questions to cater appropriately to all your recruitment needs.

We consider candidate care to be as vital as forming and maintaining lasting, productive relationships with our clients. We treat all existing clients and candidates with the same zest and interest when negotiating with a new client or working with a new candidate.

Best Staffing Company in Chennai

Looking for that next perfect fit? Finding someone who fits your culture and can knock it out of the park with their eyes closed is our specialty. Leverage our decades of combined industry experience.

We offer more than a traditional recruiting company trying to fill job roles as quickly as possible. Through our community-focused initiatives and our partnerships with companies and candidates, we’re not only matching talented, hardworking people with companies who need them; we’re shaping the future world of work.

LeadConnect has significant experience providing a ‘top to bottom’ recruitment service for our clients. We work alongside some of India’s most prominent organizations to deliver on their talent acquisition objectives. With dedicated and communicative recruitment teams backed by hands-on technical expertise, you can rely on us to find the right talent you need to meet your business goals.

We pride ourselves on being an agile and responsive business partner to our clients, which enables our ability to swiftly respond to their changing business needs, notably the current COVID-19 outbreak. The foundation of our success is our team-based approach, leading-edge technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our team has the perfect balance of skills and experience to deliver you the correct result. But equally importantly, we’re easy to get along with and always available to talk through your needs – offering the best advice or a helping hand.

As a nationwide leader supplying permanent placement staff, we provide impartial advice at arm’s length, giving unbiased, objective guidance on job placements.

Get in touch today with one of the best staffing companies in Chennai. We are just a call away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that both current and prospective clients ask us!

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency recruits employees for businesses that are seeking to fill certain positions. As a staffing company in Chennai, LeadConnect Consultancy Services helps recruit employees on behalf of employers/clients looking to fill positions and help candidates find appropriate jobs.

Are you a placement agency?

We are not a placement agency. We are an independent staffing company in Chennai. We work for our client’s requirements and do not assist candidates in searching for jobs for them.

What kind of services does LeadConnect offer?

LeadConnect works day in day out to provide companies in Chennai with exceptional staffing services. For a wide variety of industries, we work to place good employees after a multi-step interview process. Companies can trust that LeadConnect will fulfill staffing needs successfully, no matter the industry.

What is the benefit of working with a staffing agency?

Working with a staffing agency saves companies valuable time and money. By outsourcing staffing, companies can focus on growing the business rather than interviewing and selecting hires. There is less risk involved when using a staffing agency. Staffing agencies like LeadConnect pre-screen employees and assure quality hires. Working with a staffing company in Chennai allows companies flexibility. If seasonal employees are needed to support an influx of business or temporary employees are required to keep a large project, working with a staffing firm is a wise investment.

What type of assignments does LeadConnect hire for?

Staffing agencies span across many industries. We work with companies of all specifications, from technological to industrial, to provide temporary, seasonal, and long-term employees. Many staffing agencies are specific to an industry. We, however, hire an employee for companies in a variety of industries, including IT Consulting & EngineeringAutomotive IndustriesManufacturing IndustriesGeneral EngineeringTextiles & Garments IndustryProcess IndustryFinancePharma & Lifesciences. We specialize in permanent & executive hiring.

How will your staffing company add value to our company’s hiring process?

We’ll consult directly with you to understand what you’re looking for in your candidates and then contact each one directly on your behalf to scope out their qualifications. Once we’ve weeded out all of the unlikely candidates, we’ll only put you in contact with the most viable applicants that we’re confident will be a good fit for your business. This process saves you a great deal of time, money, and resources because we’ll only present you with the cream of the crop.

How long does the entire process take from initial contact to the first day of the hired candidates?

The length of time it takes to find qualified, and suitable candidates depend mainly on the available talent pool. That’s why we’re always looking for fresh talent or employees looking for bigger and better opportunities within their field. It typically takes us a few days to locate candidates, evaluate their skill sets. However, our recruitment experts are dedicated to filling your open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What types of candidate pre-screening techniques does your agency use?

Every candidate must undergo a pre-screening interview before moving on to the next phase of the hiring process, which involves more in-depth discussions. We start by asking them probing questions to get to know their personality and work ethic as much as possible.

Is LeadConnect an equal opportunity employer?

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that all applicants, regardless of culture or background, receive equal working opportunities within the workforce, provided that their skills and experience match those required by the companies for which we’re recruiting candidates. We believe in building strong and diverse work environments that help employees thrive and showcase their different talents.

Why should I use a recruitment agency to fill positions at my company?

The simple reason is that recruitment agencies take the time to understand all of the specifications you’re looking for in a candidate and your company values. We use all of that information to match you with the ideal candidates for your business. We take all of the grunt work out of hiring new employees without removing you from the equation.

What makes LeadConnect different from other recruiting services?

Unlike general staffing firms, LeadConnect delivers an unrivaled success rate and does this through a combination of sales expertise, a focused team approach, comprehensive assessment, and a unique fee structure and guarantee.

Do you mine the job boards for job seekers?

No. While there may help good people amongst the thousands of job seekers and unemployed people searching the job ads, the most successful people are almost always happily engaged in their current jobs.

Recruiters refer to these as “passive candidates” who may be open to new opportunities but are not actively looking for a career change, so they’re not scanning job boards to see what is out there. To reach these people, we perform targeted headhunting that identifies a pool of highly qualified candidates for our customers.

Are you a local search service or national?

We have an extensive database of professionals across India. Our research tools give us access to sales professionals who have the specific qualifications required to complete a successful search, no matter where they’re living and working now.

Do you work with start-ups?

Yes. We have built the first team for many customers. While the challenges of attracting top people are different for early-stage companies, our agile process is flexible, fast, and adaptable. LeadConnect has plenty of experience helping new companies launch and grow.

Do I have to sign a contract with LeadConnect?

Yes. Our contract covers project goals, processes, and obligations so that we meet your expectations without expensive surprises along the way.

What if I decide I want to hire more people?

A search can be expanded before, during, or after a project. Once our customers experience the quality of the candidates we provide, they often extend the project’s scope to make additional hires.

How do I contact LeadConnect Services?

You can visit our contact us page to fill out our preliminary application. After we receive your (client) request, we will have a recruiter reach out to you. This is not applicable for candidates.