Live Video trade is the newest trend taking over the world of eCommerce, together with the medium garnering attention from leading brands and viewers alike. Since the Covid-19 pandemic derails brick and mortar shops, people have become more engaging with interactive online buying experiences. Combining the components of live streaming and eCommerce, vendors present their merchandise through the flow, answer queries in real-time, and invite audiences to purchase products.

Launched in 2018, Chennai-based start-up Vajro is a no-code cellular program builder now working from the Shopify ecosystem. Presently they are catering to over 1500 Shopify shops.

Vajro is the top Mobile App Builder for eCommerce shops and has simplified societal selling in the US marketplace. They’re the first Mobile App Builder on the planet to encourage in-app reside selling. Significance shop owners can use their native cellular program to make a live purchase. Vajro supports promoting on Facebook too.

Vajro says we have evolved since we started Blynk, our Live Video Commerce attribute, in Nov 2019. We initially launched Blynk as a dwell attribute from inside the app and supplied buyers the chance to bring their exhibited products at the click of a button. We allow our customers to go live in their program and concurrently flow that on Facebook. We also have automatic reading remarks from Facebook and auto-invoicing buyers, depending on the opinions. We’ve got hundreds of customers utilizing our Live Video attribute, explains Baskar Agneeswaran, CEO of Vajro.

Anyone viewing the live sale may buy the goods without leaving the stage, making it shareable on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as native programs. If you think this sounds like those late-night infomercials, you are quite perfect. The viewers get a glimpse of how the products seem and how they operate like they’re shopping from a physical shop. These two facets make shopping a pleasurable experience, both of which were lacking before in online shopping.

80% of the best Facebook articles were live videos, pushing at least 59% more involvement. It’s the number one kind required by men and women from their preferred brands, and the figures show no signs of slowing down. The US video streaming marketplace is thought to be roughly $59Bn in 2021. Together with the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in purchasing, sales can lead to limitless possibilities.

Before the pandemic, the live movie trade was a rage in China. It had been so popular with Chinese shoppers that it accounted for 16% of all online sales. The numbers indicate no signs of slowing down. These days, the overall sales from live streams stand around a gigantic $200Bn, with as much as 80% credited to Alibaba’s Taobao live. Korea soon picked up the tendency.

The US was late to the party, and in 2019, Amazon began Amazon Live. Nowadays, it’s among the main selling approaches employed by eCommerce giants and tiny brands equally.

Video content has developed at a phenomenal speed, and it has a binding effect on our purchasing decisions. Live promotion makes it so simple for shoppers. Watch your purchase, click on the purchase button, and it as straightforward as that, Baskar quoted.

But, ease and convenience aren’t the sole reasons why live earnings are such a huge hit among consumers. People seek to make real interactions and meaningful relationships with all the brands they follow and love. The “live sale” eases real-time discussions and so creates unique content every moment.

It is a cheap way to market goods, perfect for fashion boutiques and cosmetic manufacturers, but not restricted to them. Additionally, it taps into the shoppers’ FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) using its element of immediacy. It takes the “limited time” just to another level. Imagine you find the product available. The clock is ticking as the server goes on to display another product. Fueled by this urgency, their mind goes from view-only manner to I-want-this-now style. The sale hastens the purchasing choice, with emotions forcing it instead of rationale.

Contrary to other tendencies that fizzle off after a few glorious months, the live movie trade is here for the long haul. It’s shown itself as a volatile sales station in China and now in the US. It is all up for carrying in India. It poses a massive chance for Indian eCommerce companies to climb quickly and maintain their follower’s participation, concludes Baskar.