Triton EV has announced that it will open its Telangana State-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant. It is a significant development in India’s EV Manufacturing sector. Telangana State Government and Triton EV signed an MoU to develop the manufacturing facility jointly.

Himanshu Patel, CMD of Triton EV, commented on this fantastic development, quoting a massive milestone for Triton EV’s sector, and Indian Electric Vehicle’s with our Manufacturing setup thrilled to enter Telangana State. The facility will likely employ more than 24,000 people. This facility will also help our manufacturing industry in Telangana State.

The upcoming manufacturing facility of Triton EV is expected to cover a million square feet. Over the next five years, $1.5 billion will be invested. In the next few months, we will have $300 million of investment. We already have purchase orders worth $2.2 billion from India, which is a good thing.

Triton’s manufacturing unit will be located in Telangana’s Zahirabad. They will produce Triton EVs at the facility for India’s domestic market and other regions like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Middle East. While consumer EVs will have an advantage, commercial and industrial vehicles will continue to dominate the market.

The signing of the MoUs by Telangana State and Triton EV was done through a video conferencing meeting. KT Rama Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries, and IT & Commerce, Government of Telangana, joined the video conferencing meeting and expressed his support and optimism for this significant EV industry announcement.

KTR said we are excited about Triton EV’s expertise and vision in the EV market. I am grateful for your choice of Telangana State. This state will be the ideal place to manufacture Triton EVs. We are progressive in our thinking and have a flexible approach to startups.

KTR also highlighted the state’s unique industrial policy, which is proactive and geared towards quick decision-making and actions towards new investments. TS-iPASS, part of the state’s industrial policy, is a fantastic bold feature. It allows for fast processing and does not waste time getting permissions. All the necessary approvals and basic requirements will be granted within 15 days so you can begin construction immediately. Our industrial policy is unique in India. For six years, we have been successful in creating jobs and bringing in investments.

Telangana State also pledged to issue a 3000 Electric Vehicle GO for Triton Electric Vehicle. The meeting was also attended by Jayesh Ranjan (Principal Secretary of Telangana State), who is responsible for signing up the MoU.

According to Himanshu’s estimates, Triton EV Manufacturing will be a robust EV production centre in India. We won’t use our manufacturing facility to make the cars. However, we will produce the most critical components and products required to create a top-of-the-line EV.

Triton EV will be different because of its in-house production capabilities. Himanshu Patel says that there is massive potential for regional MSMEs to collaborate with us and help develop these EVs. Triton has a strong product portfolio for the defence segment, in addition to EVs. Triton’s M-Rover product is available for use in defence and security forces. Triton is also exploring armoured vehicle versions of its Model H.

The recent MoU news signing with BEL can help you visualize Triton EV’s commitment to India. Both organizations will collaborate on the development of Energy Storage Systems & Electric Vehicles.

After launching robust plans for India’s EV market, the New Jersey Headquartered Triton Electric Vehicle LLC registered an Indian subsidiary under Triton Electric Vehicles India Private Limited.

Triton Electric Vehicles is involved in the Energy Storage System Business. It includes small battery packs that can transport and a 10-MWh battery storage unit that can be used for energy generation, load management, and EV charging stations. Triton also manufactures Electric Vehicles using their battery technology.