The Indian stock market has witnessed a huge rush in retail participants because of the COVID19 epidemic. On the flip side, individuals being locked down with much more disposable income and spare time to exchange as many are working at home, let more and more retail investors join the capital markets.

On the flip side, loss of jobs, salary cuts, and the pandemic’s effect on livelihoods educated people on the value of financial planning and investments. Under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Indian investors started a listing of 14.2 million new Demat accounts in FY21, which will be almost three times the amount of 4.9 million accounts at the last financial year of FY20.

Considering this surge in the interest and involvement of those retail investors in the stock exchange, Trade Brains, a top Bangalore-based fintech startup, is gambling on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) stock market investing for retail investors. Their different products started because of the pandemic, such as their private inventory analytics portal aims to enable retail investors to produce efficient inventory research by themselves by providing quality stock exchange quotes and basic analysis tools to those investors.

Started in 2017, Trade Brains originated as a finance schooling blog aiming to educate stock market investing and personal finance to DIY Investors. Today, the business has produced different platforms for stock market investors, such as their financial literacy posts, Stock research portal, and Academy.

Investors are receiving smart daily. Rather than blindly relying upon the stockbroker or study advisors to create their investment choices, the present generation takes control of their hands and creates their conclusions. Do-it-yourself investing was getting a great deal of momentum in the last several decades.

Our goal in Trade Brains would be to offer a one-stop remedy to those DIY investors for many investment-related questions by offering a platform that includes information spanning from stock exchange education, equity study into portfolio analytics. We feel that contemporary investors aren’t determined by finance managers and can make wise decisions if they’re supplied with the ideal knowledge and study instruments, explained Kritesh Abhishek, CEO and Founder of Trade Brains.

If people look to the current tendencies of these new market entrants, DIY investing appears to be a clear option. The majority of these new retailers have been opening their Demat accounts with discount brokers who don’t supply any stock tips or alternative services. Discount online brokerage company Zerodha alone included 0.7 million new balances between Jan to March 21.

Retail investors starting their account using these discount agents need to find out DIY investing and perform their independent stock research should they place their cash in the marketplace since they don’t secure advisory services. In addition, looking into the tendency of the normal age group of those new market participants, that can be between 20-30 years, makes it simpler for this particular age group to learn new theories and provides them ample time to make mistakes and learn from these.

Talking about the business, Kritesh Abhishek stated, when I began Trade Brains in 2017 after quitting my full-time occupation, I rather figured that stock market involvement in Indian markets would tend to grow in the upcoming years and DIY investing together with it. New investors cannot require their agents to Purchase or sell calls or pay heavy money to their investment advisers.

Our programs are equipped to supply all the required tools and instruction to DIY investors to earn independent stock investment choices. From financial education Blogs into an investment academy to our inventory research portal, we’ve grown significantly to assist international investors, and we expect to keep this momentum. We’re now designing innovative stock analytics and research tools on our portal to assist DIY investors.

Trade Brains is a bootstrapped fintech startup using 18 members and has more than a million visitors a month on its various platforms. They plan to develop an umbrella website for stock market fans by providing all the required tools and instruction to retail participants. Trade Brains Portal is your third investment-based enterprise launched by the business. The business established the Trade Brains Academy in 2018 that houses over 11,000 registered students enrolled in various trading and investing classes provided by them. They also offer you a stock exchange learning app for android users with over 50,000 downloads and quite powerful ratings of 4.6 on the google play store.

Trade Brains has now set its sight on growth in the equity evaluation section targeting retail investors via its Stock Research Portal. They provide innovative basic stock research tools on their analytics platform such as Stock Screener, inventory contrast, portfolio analytics, backtesting, and other innovative instruments that retail traders can use to create better investment choices.