Tezos India, a nonprofit firm promoting the Tezos ecosystem, an open-source blockchain protocol, has announced the second edition of this Tezos India Fellowship. Building on the success of this first edition, 30 exceptional builders will spend eight weeks developing impactful projects from the Tezos ecosystem. The Tezos India Fellowship is currently accepting applications and will soon be available till July 3, 2021.

The Fellowship provides top developers in India mentorship, the chance to build on the Tezos community, access the international Tezos ecosystem, and a $2000 stipend throughout this 8-week mentor-led program.

Tezos India is at the forefront of increasing the profile and encouraging greater adoption of Tezos, in partnership with Devfolio, throughout the TezIndia hackathon and as a regular sponsor of university hackathons across India. It’s backed by the achievement of this initial Tezos India Fellowship that happened last year and saw over 1,400 applications. Of that cohort, the best ten developers developed revolutionary use-cases, from quadratic funding platforms into NFT-enabled cricket fantasy leagues (CricTez) on Tezos. Selected projects also received around $10,000 in follow-up grants. Tezos India intends to maintain that momentum moving with its next edition.

As innovation in the blockchain space advances in India, Tezos India always attempts to address critical obstacles confronting blockchain adoption thus far: intelligent contract security, long-term upgradability, and genuine involvement. Tezos is a self-upgradable blockchain that permits forkless updates with its on-chain management system, enhancing durability and accessibility for alternatives built and used by the Tezos community.

Consistent quarterly protocol upgrades (most recently Florence, together with Granada in tow) has contributed to rising ecosystem adoption across brand new business verticals, from DeFi ($7 million total worth closed in Plenty Defi, three times post-launch) into NFTs (for example, Formula One Red Bull Honda Racing collectibles). With all these mainstream adoptions rapidly expanding for blockchain technologies, there’s never been a better time to build on Tezos.

According to the newest DeFi tendencies, over $100 billion worth of assets is locked up in DeFi. Furthermore, NFTs and dApps pop up at the information often with innovative use instances in games, sports, entertainment, and much more. With the growth in demand for blockchain developers internationally, the Tezos India Fellowship aims to cultivate the 4.2 million strong talent pool of top software developers in India.

Following the exemplary success of this inaugural Tezos India Fellowship program this season, we expect to see much more enthusiastic participation and give a program full of learning, expansion, and developments. Together with the constant and rapid rise of this Tezos ecosystem, we aspire to provide builders with an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. We look forward to seeing cutting-edge systems emerge and how they fare in the Tezos ecosystem.

Our purpose is to enable and strengthen the developer community of, India and we’ve always been at the forefront of educating coders through events, workshops, hackathons, meetups, fellowships, etc. We plan to spread awareness and promote and educate the tech talent pool about precisely what a decentralized future might look like for India as well as the catalyst which Tezos could provide as a stage in this direction,” stated Om Malviya, President and Co-Founder of Tezos India.

Through the Fellowship, participants will be expected to attain weekly landmarks under their mentor, which will form the foundation of past-due payouts. An entire amount of $2000 will be rewarded to each of those 30 developers during this Fellowship. Most excitingly, chosen projects will qualify for extra funds based on a test system nearer to the conclusion of the Fellowship. Last year, up to $10,000 was awarded through this grant process.