Smartphones are now becoming more successful and technologically sophisticated than previously, getting an exciting new stage for several applications such as matches. Based on statistics presented by 123scommesse, smartphone games created $74.9M in 2020 — a 43% share of the international gambling industry.

Smartphones are the largest source of earnings totaling 43% 

In 2020, the worldwide gaming market made an estimated $177.8B. Smartphone matches account for the biggest share, creating 43% of the entire sum that equates to $74.9B. The next biggest share belonged to games that created $51.2B in earnings for 2020.

Boxed/downloaded PC games also created a substantial quantity of earnings with 34.2 in 2020, followed by the average earnings of Tablet Browser and games PC games that earned $11.4B and $3.2B, respectively.

Projections for global games market in 2021

2020 was a major year for the international gambling industry, as lockdowns maintained a vast majority of the planet inside for a moment, increasing movie game participation throughout the board. Due to the dramatic and sudden spike experienced in 2020, the global games market is predicted to host at 2021 by 1.1% to only $175.8B.

Smartphone games are estimated to experience the highest increase in 2021, using a projection of a 4.7% YoY rise to $79B. The only other section forecast to increase in 2021 is that the Tablet Games segment is projected to make $11.6B in 2021 — a 2%YoY growth from 2020.

Earnings from Browser PC Games is expected to possess the most significant contraction in 2021 in -18% YoY, with projected revenues to be less than $3B annually. It will also predict Console Games to dive in 2021 after having a major year in 2020 using the launch of the next generation consoles of both Playstation and Xbox. Revenue from consoles will probably be just under $50B in 2021, later crossing the $50B mark in 2020.

Rex Pascual, the Esports editor in 123scommesse, says that since smartphones became technologically capable of working high-performance games, it’s become the most profitable source of revenue for the video game market. As smartphones become even more and more technologically complex, anticipate the smartphone market to acquire a much bigger share of the international gambling market in the next several years.