Following Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix, SIMSIM CINEMA, a global Over-the-top-Media service (OTT), is creating its inroads into India using its vision to concentrate on the worldwide viewership and treat its audiences with quantity and quality equally.

SIMSIM CINEMA is maybe one of the few prominent examples of a significant amusement OTT platform which hasn’t only leaned right into but dived headfirst into its international content strategy. SIMSIM CINEMA is journeying towards establishing itself as the go-to entertainment service supplier to the huge section of the world’s inhabitants.

As their subscription amounts climb, the platform leans towards a novel strategy that will help them continue to develop as they expand globally; create local-language content specifically targeted for the audiences in the different territories.

The development of SIMSIM CINEMA, India, has subjected OTT audiences to the top International content in various languages besides Hollywood and Bollywood. Aside from their extensive Bollywood library, their global selection features award-winning content.

Headquarters in Singapore, SIMSIM CINEMA, is dedicated to providing its audiences with the best content to their entertainment requirements, a high-quality video-on-demand OTT streaming platform!

It provides viewers with the freedom to observe whatever, whenever and wherever they need. There’s unlimited varied content; you can certainly watch it on almost any smart device by simply with an online connection.

They have many contents within a huge variety of genres such as action, romance, thriller etc. Viewers can flow their finest enjoyed movies, short movies, web series in addition to songs on SIMSIM CINEMA!

Iftekhar Alam, the owner of SIMSIM CINEMA, states, “SIMSIM CINEMA contains interesting, uplifting content which combines exceptional storytelling and superior abilities of varied media fields. We are living in an era where entertainment is only a tap away, particularly during COVID. We’re a progressive civilisation, seeking opportunities to expand in every area. It features varied and superior content.”

For a couple of years, India has been visiting an explosion of OTT platforms, and it’ll be intriguing to understand how SIMSIM CINEMA’S entry will challenge the contest of supplying premium content at the price that anybody and everyone can afford.