Sany India, a worldwide pioneer in the construction equipment industry, has successfully embraced the Bharat CEV Stage IV standards and updated & launched four new truck cranes viz. STC250C, STC450C, STC600C, and STC800C in the marketplace. Adhering to the latest emission standards, the brand new truck cranes manufactured at Sany India’s state-of-the-art plant in Chakan at Pune enhances the government’s ‘Make In India’ programme. 

Equipped with all the multimode power output feature, Sany’s STC 250C consumes less electricity and uses early-warning technologies, thus offering stability and security during the performance. Its greatest load-lifting capability is 25 Tonnes in the functioning radius of 3mts. This version contains a maximum boom length of 33.5mts.

Sanjay Saxena, Senior Vice President and Head of Heavy Equipment Business Unit, Sany, stated, we are extremely proud that we’ve successfully launched four versions of truck cranes in the marketplace, complying with all the new emission standards. Being a market leader, the unveiling of the new CEV Stage IV truck cranes will improve our sales and also help us maintain our leadership in the section.

Our auto cranes show very good traction in the current market, directed by street building, refinery expansions, railways & subway jobs and waterways etc. To satisfy the surging requirements, Sany India will launch new products, in the long run, complying with CEV Stage IV emissions, he added.

Sany STC450C is laced with a flexible hydraulic system and smart electric management system, which boasts its efficacy with reduced fuel consumption. Its greatest loading capacity is 45 Tonnes at a working radius of 3mts, and the version includes a maximum boom span of 43.5mts. The latest to join the team is STC600C which consists of a full lifting capacity of 60 Tonne in a working radius of 3mts.

This version has the longest boom span of 45.5mts in its class. Adding more worth, Sany India has introduced fresh STC800C with an exceptional lifting capability of 80 Tonnes at a functioning radius of 3mts and highest flourish length-47.5 meter.

It’s pertinent to mention that Sany India, the leading worldwide manufacturer of construction equipment in the nation, has carved a niche in the production space using its innovative, robust products and ease of serviceability. With these new developments, Sany India is optimistic that the Indian structure situation would require a quantum jump into a new measurement of usefulness program and herald a new age in the business.

To present around the clock customer support, Sany India has also set up a Toll-Free number 1800209337 for all questions associated with revenue and solutions.