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Innovative organizations recognize the role sales professionals play in driving strategy, smashing targets, and exceeding KPIs to ignite profit reports. Companies are hungry for growth, and organizations need to invest in people and sales to get ahead continually. Top sales professionals are constantly innovating to optimize and transform businesses from customized and contextualized solutions to solving tomorrow’s problems.

LeadConnect’s dedicated sales and marketing consulting team has a robust network of relationships, facilitating connections between the best sales professionals and the best companies, offering some of the most outstanding career opportunities in the market. 

With deep networks and intelligent, intuitive profiling, we unearth those elusive ‘guns’ that have the smarts to effectively connect your tech-savvy, educated, and demanding multi-generational sales teams to drive your company’s growth.

Unlike job boards and general staffing agencies, we have deep industry networks and employ rigorous, highly targeted headhunting processes, proven to help employers build better sales teams and grow sales revenues. As experts in sales recruitment, we understand the local market guaranteeing we know how to find the right candidate to contribute to your company’s bottom line and customer service reputation.

Whether you’re looking for your first sales leader or in need of an emergency hire in a crisis, LeadConnect Consultancy Services accelerates the hiring process and delivers you proven sales leaders with the experience needed to meet and exceed your growth objectives.

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LeadConnect Consultancy Services Best Sales Recruitment Agency in Chennai

Our sales hires have the potential to revolutionize any team. From top-shelf sales managers to record-setting sales representatives, we have a long record of finding—and placing—diamonds in the rough. Since 2018, we have established talented sales experts across various industries, helping companies in Chennai and pan India take their sales performance to the next level. 

From sales manager recruitment for industrial applications to a sales representative, our team excels in discerning the nuanced requirements of each industry, each company, and each role. We take this task seriously and, just like sales, we share in your success.

Whether you’re looking to recruit business development managers, field sales representatives, account managers, or sales managers, our level of expertise in the industry, as well as our extensive network, will quickly find you the most suitable candidates in the market.

Many of our consultants have an in-industry background, enabling us to go beyond candidate sourcing and provide strategic advice on the optimal marketing and sales structures to help clients meet their objectives. Our sales specialization is unrivaled mainly within the industry and takes many disciplines and levels, ranging from junior sales to senior management appointments across all market sectors.

Recruiting across diverse businesses and industries from enterprise businesses, government organizations to SMEs and startups, we apply our market knowledge and consulting skills to ensure you get the best possible hiring outcome. We invest in long-term partnerships and spend time understanding your organization’s vision, structure, strategy, and culture, so we can align our recruitment process and tell an authentic story to prospective talent.

 We recruit candidates for the following positions in the sales and marketing vertical:

  • Brand & Product Management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Development
  • Communications Manager
  • CRM Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Product Merchandising
  • Services Marketing
  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Executive Regional Manager
  • Client Development
  • Sales Analyts
  • Store & Retail Manager
  • Sales Managers / Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • National Sales Managers / Directors
  • Business Development Managers – Territory / State / National / Regional
  • Sales Representatives – Internal / External
  • Client Relationship Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Channel Sales
  • Business Sales Analyst
  • Sales Representatives
  • Product Managers
sales and marketing recruitment agencies in chennai



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