The first CUVIS joint autonomous system is set up in SaiShree Hospital, Aundh, Pune, under the superintendence of top joint replacement surgeon Dr. Neeraj Adkar (Chief Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon & Managing Director, SaiShree Hospital).

Dentists in the Saishree Hospital at Pune conducted multiple effective CUVIS Joint Robotics-assisted complete knee replacement surgeries for the very first time in Pune this past week. A 65 years old Mrs. Leela Deshmukh was afflicted by acute knee pain that is right. The sufferer’s left knee transplant was completed by Dr. Neeraj Adkarby, a traditional technique. When Mrs. Deshmukh came with acute pain in her right knee, then she wished to elect for the latest and progress technique for Joint Replacement operation.

This motivated team Saishree to carry out the CUVIS Joint autonomous, making her feel a substantial gap between her left and right knee surgeries. CUVIS Joint is western India’s entirely active robotic knee replacement program (manufactured in South Korea). The household members of Mrs. Deshmukh were awestruck by viewing her walk without major pain over 4 hours of their operation itself.

The joint replacement operation group of SaiShree, successfully Pioneered by Dr. Neeraj Adkar, has already performed a few knee replacement surgeries with CUVIS Joint. Among the best surgeons using a sophisticated robotic program at his disposal has redefined arthroplasty benchmarks for its IT Capital of India – Pune.

“CUVIS joint replacement is in a much higher base than conventional joint replacement operation Myalliance with CUVIS Joint began in its expanding stage. And I proudly acknowledge that it’s performed astounding feats within the Operation theater. Within one month, we’ve completed multiple surgeries, and all of our patients do extremely well. This innovative robotic joint replacement program has caused a revolution of shocking steps in the field of arthroplasty,” states Dr. Neeraj Adkar

CUVIS Robotics assisted joint replacement operation has many definitive advantages over traditional joint replacement surgery –

  1. It enables the surgeon to work with improved precision during the most complicated processes and difficult instances.
  2. Increased precision and diminished bone elimination result in less blood flow, painless, quicker, and better postoperative results for the individual.
  3. Personalization: patient-specific pre-planning and virtual operation simulation
  4. Greatest implant placement with cutting edge accuracy helps with all the enhanced longevity and durability of implantation
  5. Lesser human intervention resulting in the decreased possibility of human mistakes and also a chance of intra-operative disease
  6. Quicker recovery and discharge from hospitals

CUVIS Joints features:

  1. Maximum precision, precision, and endurance offer its features for optimum security too.
  2. It requires the help of CT-Scan pictures to come up with a patient’s unique 3D bone design and does a virtual simulation of joint replacement surgeries customized for every individual.
  3. Together with sub-millimeter dimensional precision, it will help to find the best post-surgery results for joint replacement.

“CUVIS Joint reduces the chances of human error and ensures proper alignment, resulting in the longevity of this joint implant. Although this is a high-end tech in our clinic, we’ve selected to make it economical, to ensure that more patients are going to have the ability to gain from this,” supports Dr. Neeraj Adkar.

The Patients and their families are incredibly pleased with the results from these world-class, cutting-edge technologies, now available to them in Pune, Maharashtra. Patients were discharged to return home within 2-3 days of their joint replacement operation and are currently undergoing physical rehabilitation to return to a busy lifestyle shortly.

Applying CUVIS Joint robotic operation will help stop human error and give optimal results to the individual, following the operation same day that the individual may walk more confidently, also receives the discharge over three times, which ends in minimal hospital stay lowers using painkiller drugs. All in all, robotics has turned into a blessing for the patients.

The CUVIS Joint Robotic System is a vision towards technological progress in joint replacement operation and Arthroscopic operations at the coming occasions Dr. Neeraj Adkar.

“CUVIS Joint technology makes artificial joint replacement more valuable for a patient; in significantly less time, more precision can be obtained, which also increases the longevity of joints and implants. I am quite happy to hear that Pune currently has CUVIS Joint Robotics method for Joint Replacement and at the hands of Dr. Neeraj Adkarat Saishree Hospital,” stated Dr. Chandrasekhar P. Director & Head of Orthopedics, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru. 

Dr. Niraj Adkar, when asked why he opted to find this tech, stated, “we at Saishree have always believed in providing the very best to the sufferers. We constantly concentrate on patient safety and results. With this new advantage CUVIS joint technology, we’re pushing this and are on par with the world in health care.”

With this event, a patient says, “I’m quite pleased with the pain relief and healing is far better in the knee that worked through this brand new CUVIS Joint robotic operation.”