Since India grapples with an unparalleled new wave of this Covid Pandemic, Reliance Industries has risen to the event by making an all-purpose attempt to save valuable lives.

A vital need of the hour is guaranteed accessibility of medical grade liquid oxygen for treatment of seriously ill patients throughout the nation. Traditionally, Reliance isn’t a maker of medical grade liquid oxygen. However, beginning from Nil prior to the outbreak, Reliance Industries has now become India’s biggest manufacturer of the life-saving resource from one site. At its refinery-cum-petrochemical complicated in Jamnagar and other centers, RIL currently generates over 1000 MT of medical grade liquid oxygen each day — roughly 11% of India’s total production — fulfilling the requirements of almost every one in ten sufferers.

Under the personal supervision of Shri Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, in Jamnagar, Reliance has embraced a two-pronged strategy to fortify the access to medical oxygen from India:

1. Refocusing several industrial procedures in Reliance’s Jamnagar along with other facilities for quick scale-up in creation of medical grade liquid oxygen.

2. Augmenting loading and transport capacities to make sure its speedy and secure supply to States and Union Territories around India.

Improving production of Medical Grade Oxygen in Reliance facilities

  • Before this particular outbreak, Reliance wasn’t a producer of medical grade liquid oxygen. But, RIL engineers immediately reconfigured and optimised present operations — made for Refining and Petrochemicals grade oxygen  to generate high-purity medical grade oxygen.
  • Medical grade liquid oxygen needs to be generated in liquid form in -183°C with nearly 99.5% purity, which introduces extraordinary challenges and dangers in manufacturing and maximising tonnage.
  • Reliance engineers worked tirelessly and through process optimisation and alterations of Cryogenic Air Separation Units, managed maximise production of medical grade liquid oxygen at a really brief length of time.
  • Reliance has now been in a position to ramp up its production of medical grade oxygen from ZERO to 1000 MT daily, constituting over 11% of the nation’s overall medical grade liquid oxygen generation.
  • This oxygen has been supplied free-of-cost to a number of State Governments throughout the nation to bring instant relief to more than 1 lakh patients on a daily basis.
  • Since the start of the outbreak in March 2020, Reliance has provided over 55,000 MT of medical grade liquid oxygen throughout the nation.

Ensuring swift source of Oxygen across States and Union territories

  • As well as the creation of high quality medical grade liquid oxygen, another challenge is to quickly conquer the transport bottleneck in distribution of liquid oxygen to different areas of the nation. This required increasing the loading capability because of its secure and fast transportation.
  • To do this, Reliance engineers created intelligent tidal alterations to rail and road transportation, like planting parallel lines, using hoses, and loading liquid liquid tankers through pressure differential, because liquid oxygen pumps can’t be set up in short notice.
  • In another creation, Reliance transformed nitrogen tankers into transportation trucks to get medical grade oxygen, through safe and innovative procedures which were accepted by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), the applicable regulatory body of the Government of India.
  • Reliance ordered the airlifting of 24 ISO containers to India from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Thailand including 500 MT of new transport capability for liquid air.  All these ISO containers will aid in removing the transportation limits for medical grade liquid air in the nation. Additionally, Reliance has been airfreighting more ISO containers during the upcoming few days.
  • We’d like to give our sincere thanks for Aramco, BP and IAF to their immense help in supplying and hauling ISO containers to assist the nation in its own conflict against Covid.

Commenting on those endeavors, Shri. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited, stated: “For me personally and for many people in Reliance, there’s nothing more important than saving daily lifetime as India struggles from a fresh wave of this COVID-19 pandemic. There’s an immediate requirement to Boost India’s creation and transport abilities for medical grade oxygen. I’m proud of our engineers in Jamnagar who’ve worked tirelessly, with a fantastic sense of urgency that is patriotic, to meet this new challenge. I’m really humbled by the determination and sense of purpose shown by the bright, youthful members of the Reliance loved ones that have once again risen to the occasion and delivered when India wants it the most.”

Smt. Nita Ambani, Founder-Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, stated: “Our nation is experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe. We at Reliance Foundation will continue to do everything we can to help.  Every life is valuable. Our crops in our Jamnagar refinery are repurposed overnight to make medical grade liquid oxygen that’s being dispersed across India. Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow countrymen and women.  Together, we’ll overcome these hard times”

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