Innovation-driven real-estate company ReGrob is basking in victory with its humble start in Delhi NCR. This cutting edge business was founded in 2014 by company associates Ashish Kaushik and Vivek Raman and has rapidly grown to become the leading real estate company in India.

While property firms in India are facing tough challenges to remain afloat amid the COVID-19 catastrophe, ReGrob, an award-winning organization, is discovering new ways not just to survive but flourish. The creators are enthusiastic entrepreneurs who solve any real issues for their clients using a franchise model.

To elaborate further, they plan to expand via a professional model wherein their principal focus will be to allow businesses to construct gains and be more sustainable in the long term. The staff helps them with prospects, builder tie-ups and many other services that the franchisees need.

Our principal concern is that our professional partners can generate profits and prosperity by serving property buyers the ideal way, stated Ashish, the founding partner of the business.

ReGrob has been incepted because of a difficulty faced by the individual while searching for their own homes. They have been introduced with different challenges like bogus data on internet portals and significant cost difference and other products before seeing the house eventually. The wisdom and proficiency of property agents left them thinking as to the way this sector works. Due to these issues, they stumbled upon the thought of starting an online real estate broker with appropriate info on jobs, including real pictures, updated costs, videos, Virtual Reality walk-throughs. ReGrob has set up more than 4000 videos of land with over 5 lakh customer connections a month in a brief period.

ReGrob has received accolades and admiration from TIE, Economic Times and a lot more. Their modus operandi is present in supplying services to customers both offline and online. While customers can look for properties in their own confirmed list that includes original videos and image, they organize a website to visit, negotiation solutions, mortgage support to guarantee a smooth experience with no hassles.

We have no shareholders and no outside funds. We’ve backed ourselves in each step along the way. These days, we have over 10,000 happy clients with a group of over 100 plus individuals PAN India, stated Vivek, the guy behind ReGrob.

If it comes to competition, both Ashish and Vivek consider that their main rivalry is 10 Lakh property agents like Prop Tiger, Investors Practice and many other real estate broking businesses. They also pointed out that the housing market is quite large and is still untapped in India.

ReGrob intends to serve everyone who wants to purchase their dream houses and are searching for good quality solutions from their agents. They say that adverse use of technologies, advantage light business model and strong leadership staff are their mantras for achievement.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, their present challenge lies in fulfilling customer demands both offline and online. On the other hand, the creators are in for competitive growth and are looking at their footprints around India for almost any property requirements.

With over 50 branches, ReGrob takes cognizance of how people everywhere are looking for a place to call their own home or workplace. They create this to look intriguing and enjoyable as they genuinely realize that finding the ideal location is considerably more than just an internet search.

Property is getting more professional with the dawn of RERA and GST, as ReGrob has tied up with 500+ programmers PAN India. We may observe the change in all our builder partners, states Sudheer Sadhu, the Regional Head of Telangana & AP.

Concerning future strategies, ReGrob is responsible for the long haul since the current market is looking up and they’re looking for important expansions. Devdoot Majumder, Regional Director of Bangalore, states that the property market is reviving extremely fast in Bangalore and South India. We’re keeping quiet active to delight our clients while purchasing their dream house.