Mr. Rajesh Tope, Minister for Public Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Maharashtra today, Advocated FICCI Associates to Assist Maharashtra with Behavioral Healthcare Centers in the district and Taluka levels. In addition, he asked business’s assistance in procuring essential drugs such as Remdesivir, oxygen concentrators, PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) Nitrogen Generators, raising liquid oxygen storage capabilities, amongst others.

In addition, he encouraged industry members to embrace a few of the cities and Talukas to assist the government in its struggle against the virus.

Addressing the digital interactive session using FICCI Health Industry Delegation, Mr. Tope noted that numerous sectors in which the business could assist the nation’s healthcare industry that’s now reeling under an acute deficit through its CSR or philanthropic initiatives of healthcare centers. He further said that the country is confronting a glaring shortage regarding life-threatening essentials during those times.

There is a massive need of 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrators, PSA generators, medications such as Remdesivir as well as vaccines. The industry can assist the country by multiplying the gap between supply and demand of life-threatening essentials, he mentioned.

The numbers (of COVID positive patients) keep rising daily. The summit is likely by mid-May, and the hospitals are already overwhelmed. The access to physicians and other health care staff is now painful at present. We urge the industry to develop notions like tele-ICU, in which identification and therapy could be accomplished remotely.

Tech being used is the requirement of time now, particularly in cities where tertiary healthcare is an issue of concern. FICCI may play a critical role here by assisting us in securing X-Ray, ECG, and Dialysis machines, amongst others, for sub-district hospitals, he explained.

Ms. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Chair, FICCI Maharashtra & CEO, Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd, explained that FICCI at the previous one year has been playing an increasingly active role in cooperating with authorities and the sector in solving many bottlenecks which were faced by the industry in working in such challenging times.

Talking about the road ahead, Ms. Motwani stated, particular requirements will need to be mapped in the country level and subsequently taken to our associates from the medical industry to deliver certain solutions.

Various business representatives assured the Minister of the business’s commitment to assist the nation during those times. Dr. Sharavan Subramanyam, Managing Director, GE Healthcare; Mr. Sanjiv Johar, President, APAC, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics; Mr. Gautam Khanna, Co-Chair, FICCI Health Services Committee and CEO, PD Hinduja Hospital; Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, CEO, Hiranandani Hospital; Mr. Sunil Khurana, BPL Technologies; Mr. Sarthak Ranade, Managing Director, Janssen India; Mr. Joseph Gerald, Senior VP, Sun Pharma; Mr. Shirish Sankhe, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, India; Mr. Samir Somaiya, CMD, Somaiya Group, Amongst Others, reiterated their willingness to work along with the state authorities in tiding through those tough times.