MAIT, the apex body representing India’s ICT and Electronics industry, launched a report titled ‘Electronics Repair Services Outsourcing‘ (ERSO) in the Electronics & Telecom Manufacturing Summit 2021 (MAIT-ETMS). The information makes strong recommendations on the Government of India to simplify and streamline processes to make India a repair and refurbishment hub for both IT and digital products.

The MAIT report builds on the necessity to tap on the fixed marketplace predicated on Independent third-party analysis and evaluation conducted by Lexport as Knowledge Partners.

The repair and calibration of electronic subassemblies and goods is a 100 billion-dollar industry globally. High prices of repairing digital products in developed nations such as the United States and Europe force the corporates to ship goods abroad. These repair services are supplied at lower costs because of both abilities and price arbitrage.

The report presents a detailed image of their policy, legal, and compliance-related adjustments recommendations and goals to ask the Government of India to think about the changes in coverage reform and measures the repair and refurbishment service industry in India.

The report highlights history on the regulatory arena and highlights bottlenecks and issues being faced daily from the fixed components in India, including many regulatory approvals, import/ export restrictions; expense and Infrastructure cost; deficiency of skilled workforce and technologies; E-waste related limitations, etc.

Sharing his thoughts about the report launch, Mr. Nitin Kunkolienker, President, MAIT, stated, rhe electronic equipment repair industry has the potential of getting an emerging industry for job expansion in India. With the ideal regulatory assistance from the Government of India, the national repair service industry in India can undergo a huge boost. It is going to generate precious FOREX earnings in addition thereby to generate employment, particularly during those COVID-19 occasions, which has made countless Indians job-less.

The initiative to create India an Electronics Repairs Outsourcing Hub is another sunrise industry for the nation to produce more than 5 million new direct jobs and attract investment from throughout the world, including to India’s GDP & FE earnings.