Leadership Hiring Services

Our leadership hiring services helps identify and develop future-ready leaders!


Organizations can only evolve if they have strong leaders. In an era of continuous transformation, finding the best and right talent for Board and C-Suite roles is more vital than ever before. LeadConnect meets this leadership hiring challenge by employing an advanced research methodology combined with a rigorous evaluation process to find executive talent beyond expectations.

We are the fastest-growing retained executive search firm in Chennai. At the heart of this success is a culture obsessed with delivering a superb experience to our candidates and clients alike. Through search, leadership assessment, and interim management, our experienced team can identify and develop a new set of leaders that will shape the Indian economy for years to come.

Clients who partner with our hiring services benefit from our extensive knowledge – our in-depth industry insight and knowledge of the changing skills, challenges, and pressures on executive leaders have been acquired through our years of successful experience. A successful leadership hiring service requires rigorous analysis, creativity, logic, and sound judgment. We provide organizations with the tools to identify, attract, and develop extraordinary executives through our search intelligence. 

Our industry-leading consultants are highly skilled at identifying and engaging non-active job seekers or passive candidates. We work closely with private and public sector organizations and leading brands to build domestic and overseas markets capability. As a world-class executive search firm and senior management recruitment agency in Chennai, we have a proven track record in executive-level recruitment, talent pool, and succession plan solutions. 

We use the strength of our network to connect you with hard-to-reach individuals. 

LeadConnect offers a high level of assurance and confidentiality to protect you and your organization. Our market intelligence gives you the ability to make the right decisions.

Leadership Hiring Services in chennai

Our leadership hiring team helps identify and develop future-ready leaders!

Working very closely with our clients to define leadership talent requirements, our leadership hiring team uses an extensive briefing process that provides top-quality results cost-effectively and timely.

Through our leadership hiring services, we help you recruit Board, Director, C-suite – CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CMO, as well as General Management level appointments consisting of Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, Managing Directors, General Managers, and Country Managers, Divisional Directors and Sales Directors.

The Executive Selection Process

Precision-focused strategy

Your organization has unique Executive Search needs and expectations. We meet these needs by remaining agile while systematically identifying and engaging the right executive talent.

Project Scoping

Stakeholder engagement is a critical piece of our strategic process. We need to understand where to find the talent – and that’s where you come in. Our understanding of your needs will measure our success in selecting candidates and the long-term retention of the selected candidate. Conducting in-depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders builds the framework for the candidate success drivers: core competencies, experience, and ideal candidate “fit.”

Search and Engagement

Our experience’s depth and breadth provide our clients with a quality selection of executives. Conducting market and competitive assessments of your business sector is where we access an untapped candidate market – those not actively making a career change. We build an effective reach-out and communication plan to engage these passive candidates. We believe that engaging talent not actively in career search is an art; our years of experience and willingness to adapt and evolve our approach results in high engagement rates.


We ensure diligence on all the candidates we present to you for consideration by conducting competency-based interviewing coupled with psychometric assessments.


You can be confident selecting the right candidate to facilitate and support you through the selection process, including helping you prepare for your interviews and creating the most competitive and appealing compensation package. Our experience working with boards and selection committees as a hands-on facilitator and consultant in the selection process ensures you have all the support you need to make the final decision.

 Through our leadership hiring services, we help you recruit –

  • C-Suite, Vice-President, Senior Management and Board
  • Leadership and Talent Assessment
  • Executive Onboarding
  • Building Selection Processes

We aren’t looking to fill every role our clients have, just the ones that require special assistance and a deep understanding of your technical challenges. We believe in genuine business partnerships with every hiring client and job seeker. We know this is the key to success in our industry, and we strive for excellence in everything we do.

We believe the key to a successful executive search is getting the details right – whether that is when identifying, attracting, assessing, or closing candidates – we look after all of these elements in the search process. We provide consultative advice to our customers that mitigate the risk of every recruitment process. We are here to listen to your requirements and advise you as to how best to find, attract and assess the right candidates.

By creating the right process and executing effectively against it, we can massively enhance your chances of finding and attracting the best people. Our network enables us to form the right strategy for each client, utilizing proprietary research and industry sources to identify the most relevant businesses in the sector and drive an effective and targeted search process. This approach enables us to quickly focus on and contact the most appropriate candidates to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Partnering with us means you’ll experience inclusive, transparent communication and real-time activity reporting to assure timelines and milestones are met. We are specialists in finding high-performing CEOs, MDs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CCOs, CHROs, general managers and senior functional/specialist leaders. What stands us apart from other executive search firms is our ability to pinpoint the specific skills and traits that determine success, helping predict future performance.  

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