Kia Corporation has revealed the official pictures of the magnificent all-new Sportage. An SUV crafted to inspire customers using its exterior and interior design.

The exterior challenges design standards and moves the Sportage identity in the second generation while paying homage to its rich legacy. 

Tight and sharp lines ripple across the sleek body, amplifying striking styling features. Simultaneously, clean but muscular surfaces combine forces with intricate images to provide the SUV a lively and assertive road existence. On the interior space is created that is state-of-the-art, fusing high-tech sensibilities into modern design.

Reinventing the Sportage gave our talented design teams a big chance to do something fresh; to take inspiration in the current brand relaunch and the debut of EV6 to inspire clients through contemporary and advanced SUV design. Together with the all-new Sportage, we did not just wish to take one step forward but instead proceed to another degree from the SUV class, commented Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design Center.

With its glossy and energetic stance, the all-new Sportage, a detailed-oriented cabin, first-class upholstery have set new benchmarks. We believe you may see the potential of our brand and our products.

Revealed earlier this year by the design community, Kia’s brand new design philosophy, “Opposites United,” is in the crux of the all-new Sportage, influencing all aspects of its appearance and personality. The fundamentals of Opposites United will affect all future Kia designs, providing them the same standard DNA. The thought-provoking and adventuresome philosophy strengthen the link between innovation and Kia’s new brand leadership, ‘Movement that inspires’.

Opposites United consists of five pillars: Joy for ReasonPower into ProgressTechnology for LifeTension for Serenity, and Bold for Nature

The final pillar – Bold for Nature — has profoundly influenced the design creation of this all-new Sportage, embodying the natural world and generating a design identity that requires a bold, psychological, contemporary but natural form.

The all-new Sportage results from a collaborative effort between Kia’s primary international design community in Korea, Germany, the US, and China.

New Benchmarks For Sportage’s SUV Design

The frontal view of this all-new Sportage generates an immediate impact and thought-provoking design statement with a detailed-orientated black grille graphic extending across the width of the face. Like an elaborate web, the primary frontal features of this all-new Sportage, crafting a front-facing volume. The elongated grille joins Kia’s modern signature Tiger Nose grille, which behaves as the car’s visual focus – to identifying futuristic-styled boomerang-shaped DRLs (daylight running lamps) create solid border lines for its dramatic headlamps. Such technical and intricate layout sophistication of the front facia is finely balanced with the ease of the top surfaces in the front, for instance, pronounced bumper.

The side profile of this all-new Sportage remains true to its sports utility DNA, using taut lines cutting along with pure, clean, but elegant body surfaces which seamlessly combine the contrasting volumes. 

Representing a first for the Sportage range, a black roof, a different color paint alternative to the vehicle’s body – is currently available with the newest model, helping to accentuate the athletic profile and emphasizing the densely dynamic C-pillar encircles a definite look. The inclusion of a chrome beltline kicks up on the back of the all-new Sportage and to the D-pillar, making melodic lines together with the back spoiler that further adds to the car’s sporting pedigree.

In the back, the all-new Sportage keeps its strong street presence with its strong, broad shoulders, permitting the SUV to personify stability and strength. The muscle swooping fastback flows to the rear lamps to give the impression that they cut to the body with excellent precision, forming the outline of their back lamp graphic and the significant section of this tailgate. The razorback lamps are attached by a slender horizontal design, providing the all-new Sportage a superbly overall impression from the trunk.

Completing the design journey, a sizable lower graphic bumper casing in the back uses precisely the same philosophy as the frontal technical black grille, linking the all-new Sportage’s back design elements and leading to lightness in the touch and appearance.

State-Of-The-Art Interiors

The interior of this all-new Sportage plays with boldness in nature, offering intuitive and advanced engineering to make a driver-orientated space that’s genuinely state-of-the-art.

A sculpted incorporated curved display with a slender crush touchscreen pad along with finely detailed air vents forms the nucleus of this all-new Sportage’s magnificent cabin. The arresting curved display sweeps around the front of this Sportage, providing the cockpit good width and thickness. Such as the air passing through it, the three-dimensional air vents flow inside the integrated curved display, strengthening the Sportage’s modern and exquisitely slim cockpit feel.

The high-tech touchscreen pad and the innovative integrated controller act as the nerve center for passenger and driver connectivity, usability, and functionality requirements. Both systems are easy-to-use, exceptionally intuitive, and soft to touch.

Independently positioned to the driver and front passenger is an ergonomic center console that combines convenience with lavish. It has a luxury gloss, and the console offers storage, operating system setup, cupholders, and soft-touch switches, the latter sitting on a raised profile along with the shift-by-wire transmission dial.

The highest quality materials, which are sumptuous to touch, lively and vibrant color options, and additional energizing finishing methods, including pad and chrome print, ensure that the interior of the all-new Sportage is a unique place to spend some time while on the move. The driver and front passenger seats combine high tech with higher relaxation in sporting slim shell design.

Further enhancing passenger convenience, the rear of the driver and front passenger seats are integrated hanger-type designs inside the slender headrests. The all-new Sportage’s bright inside is an intelligent mixture of practicality, functionality, and flexibility.

The all-new Sportage X-Line comes with an exceptional bumper, side sill, and curved roof rack. On the inside, clients can select between signature sage black or green seats, in addition to bold black and ivory metallic timber to further bring into life the model’s positive persona.

Thanks to the global market launching later this year, additional info about the all-new Sportage will be made available in due course.