Hershey India Pvt Ltd., part of the Hershey Company, is a global snacking giant producing quality chocolates. The largest North American producer has collaborated with Baskin Robbins to launch an exciting assortment. A delicious combination of chocolates, cocoa powder, and ice cream produces some jaw-dropping flavours through Hershey’s Chocolate Overload Ice Cream and Hershey’s Kisses Caramel Ice Cream.

It is a significant partnership for the company. This ice cream brand is a well-known in India that has been serving India for 27 years. It is also one of the largest ice cream parlour chains in India.

The five new flavours combine the best of both the brand’s bestselling flavours and the superior taste of chocolates. They are now available in all retail outlets across India as well as through delivery apps.

Herjit Bhalla is Vice President, India & AEMEA, Hershey Company. He said, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Baskin Robbins. Hershey India has 125+ years of chocolate expertise and heritage. This collaboration is strategic for Hershey India, bringing together the best in chocolates and the best ice cream.

Brand Hershey’s strives to delight its customers with new offerings, and this opportunity was an opportunity to do so. We are confident that this collaboration will enable us to make even more moments of goodness using Hershey’s chocolates.

Graviss Foods Private Limited’s CEO Mohit Khattar said that Baskin Robbins India was committed to providing exceptional product experiences for its customers. Our partnership with Hershey India allowed us to seamlessly combine our expertise in creating cutting-edge ice cream flavours, beverages, and Ice cream cakes with high-quality and loved ingredients from Hershey India. 

We believe the products will be a hit with a new generation of Baskin Robbins customers.