Hero MotoCorp and Gogoro® Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the shift to renewable electrical liberty in India. The venture brings together Hero, the world’s biggest producer of scooters and bikes, and Gogoro, the international pioneer in urban battery adapting and smart liberty innovation.

According to the new venture, Dr. Pawan Munjal, Chairman and CEO, Hero MotoCorp, said,”Our strategic partnership with Gogoro is directly in accordance with our Vision – ‘Be the Future of Freedom’ that we are bringing dwelling through our Mission into ‘Produce, Collaborate & Inspire’. Today marks another substantial milestone in our journey, as we deliver Hero’s leadership in two-wheelers, our global scale and innovation powerhouse, along with the management of Gogoro in Swapping industry design, because they’ve demonstrated through the last few years in Taiwan and remainder of Earth.”

“This venture will further extend the job, which we are performing at our R&D hubs in the Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT) at Jaipur & our Tech Centre in Germany. The dedication and vision of Hero and Gogoro is perfectly aligned towards the frequent aim of accelerating the change in to Smart, provincial electrical freedom in India, and throughout the World.

With this new venture, we commit to introducing a renewable mobility paradigm, first in India and then in different markets around the world. This partnership will strengthen and expedite the Indian government’s electrification push and will have a substantial effect on India’s energy and liberty future” he added.

“We’re in a Crucial stage from the transformation of urban mobility in addition to the increase of smart cities. With over 225 million gas-powered two wheel vehicles in India, the requirement for Sustainable and intelligent electrical transportation and refueling is crucial,” said Horace Luke, Founder & CEO, Gogoro Inc.”The Hero-Gogoro partnership addresses those challenges and certainly will leverage Hero’s economy power and Gogoro’s industry leading innovations to present Intelligent vehicles and refueling with Gogoro Network battery swapping”

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