With the critical fight against the catastrophic second wave of this COVID-19 outbreak in India, FICCI, along with its partner association BVMW (German Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), have expanded its service by successfully procuring 1500 oxygen concentrators for private entities at the Indian Healthcare sector, to fight the present crisis. 

The initial batch of this cargo, including the healthcare accessories and devices, has been airlifted out of Frankfurt Airport now and will shortly be available in various hospitals around India to assist the patients in need.

According to FICCI, this is the best case of how significant overseas ventures encourage one another, particularly in challenging times. Indian assignment in Germany, BVMW, and FICCI gather a concerted attempt to allow it to happen without delay.

BVMW Representative Daniel Raja stated that considering the present crisis in India and the enormous international requirement of these medical gear, this tact is a significant accomplishment that was only possible due to the close alliance between FICCI, the Indian mission, and BVMW.

Since the signing of this MoU between FICCI and BVMW in 2016, many critical initiatives have been undertaken to reinforce Indo-German company connections.

FICCI’s existence and preparation in various nations have been critical for Indian businesses that want to enter into business tie-ups with overseas companies and receive a foothold in foreign markets. There are strategies to raise the joint actions with BVMW by conducting regular business studies and occasions.