Employment Agencies in Chennai

LeadConnect Consultancy Services is Chennai’s biggest recruiting company with specialized recruiters within two different aspects of attention: Staffing & Recruiting and Executive & Professional Search.

As we’re locally owned and handled, we are able to better understand your wants and chances.

Our recruiting process is assembled therefore that we become familiar with our candidates and nurture longterm, respectful relationships together. It makes it possible for us to know the needs and wants of each individual within our area so that we are certain we have been linking you using the most powerful games for you along with your company.

In the current rapidly changing business climate, Leadconnect’s flexible staffing providers offer equilibrium to a current work force. Whether a challenge is filling out a temporary difference in a rush, a longterm vacancy on a fixed time period, or perhaps a fulltime lasting position, counting upon Pinnacle to satisfy your work force demands is just a fast and effortless solution.

We Concentrate on:

Every positioning has been handled by means of a recruiting consultant with a background in your subject of expertise.

Leadconnect Consultancy focuses primarily on staffing by way of a exceptional recruiting model predicated on personal communication and interaction using tens of thousands of candidates every day. Our continuing and concentrated recruitment procedure means we’ve a rich community of applicants with the credentials, experience, work ethic and approach to satisfy your organization requirements once you want them. We identify top actors through comprehensive interviews, and the complete package of desktop tests and industry-specific testing.

If your business should locate exceptionally skilled folks, you are only a call or move away out of our network of pre-qualified candidates.

To our customers we provide,

  • Entire confidentiality
  • The Maximum calibre of testing, checking, and assessing of Most applicants
  • A goal and precise appraisal of this skill, credentials, and expertise of the candidate we urge
  • An comprehension That We’ll simply refer applicants who, in our meticulous opinion, qualify for your Career
  • A willingness to diminish referral of applicants positioned by us over the past 1-2 months, unless the aim to depart has been discussed together with the employer
  • If any post-placement issues or mistakes grow between company and worker, a willingness to assist negotiate an amicable settlement or counselor the parties worried
  • On petition, an overview of the action to Find the Right candidate on the Customer’s behalf
  • A promise of fulfilled support by Leadconnect Consultancy Services to substitute inside a specified interval when the candidate reveals disappointing
  • To cooperate with our customers to Construct and execute a personalized solution to their business that can concentrate on outcomes

To our candidates we provide,

  • A goal and precise appraisal of this skill, credentials, and expertise of the candidate we urge
  • No charge of any sort charged to your positioning service we supply
  • An objective appraisal of applicants Concerning professions being hunted
  • Recognizing and specialist career counselling when asked
  • A thorough overview of the responsibilities involved when taking a posture during Leadconnect Consultancy Services.

We are one of India’s leading staffing agencies, recruiting professionals who specialize in Information Technology (IT), Interim Executive and Management Consulting, and Finance & Accounting into contract, temporary and full-time permanent positions.

We are a full-service staffing agency and we have job openings suitable for independent contractors, temporary workers, and those looking for a full-time career position. If you specialize in Information Technology (IT), Finance & Accounting or Interim Executive and Management Consulting, we’d love to hear from you.  Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or simply exploring future career or contract opportunities.


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