The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications has communicated to media that many misleading messages are being circulated on various social media platforms asserting that the next wave of Covid-19 was due to the testing of 5G cellular towers. According to a press statement issued by DoT, these messages are untrue and not accurate. 

The press announcement informs the general public that there isn’t any connection between 5G technologies and the spread of COVID-19. They’re urged not to be confounded by false information and rumors. The claims linking the 5G technology and the COVID-19 pandemic are untrue and have no scientific foundation. What’s more, it’s advised that this 5G technology testing hasn’t yet begun anywhere in India. Therefore, the claim that 5G Trials are causing an increase in Covid-19 cases in India is baseless and untrue.

Mobile towers exude non-ionizing radio frequencies using little electricity and cannot induce any harm to human beings. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has prescribed standards for exposure limit for its Radio Frequency Field via Base Station Emissions that are ten times more strict than the protected limits prescribed by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and advocated by WHO.

Initiatives taken by DoT are as follows – 

DoT includes a well-structured procedure so that TSPs strictly stick to those standards that are prescribed. Citizens can file a petition for Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) measurements, and testing can be drawn upon the Tarang Sanchar portal.

To alleviate the anxiety of the overall public concerning the health effects of EMF emission from a cellular tower, DoT has been taking a few actions to create awareness among the general public about EMF radiation via Nationwide Awareness Programme, supply of pamphlets and information leaflets on several topics associated with EMF. 

They also publish comprehensive info on EMF-related topics on DoT, ads in newspapers, launching of the “Tarang Sanchar” portal, etc. The area units of DoT also have been coordinating public awareness events to ensure an increasing number of individuals are made conscious of the scientific details about the health impacts of EMF emissions from cellular towers.