In this hour of a health emergency, ideal info and support are becoming crucial for Hyderabad to combat the Covid-19 challenge. Intending to address this significant issue on a priority basis, a team of people and organizations has initiated Covid Surge Impact Alliance (CSIA).

Talking about this, Raj Janagam stated, the alliance’s goal is to make certain that the patients or their loved ones have been served in a fast, effective and a personalized way rather than them having to browse through a huge number of unverified, standalone sources.

The Covid Surge Effect Alliance provides three Important services:

  1. An organized, simple to use web-app (Covid Help Hyderabad) using real-time and confirmed data 
  2. A 24×7 Covid Helpline – 040-67419503 (Starting on 30th April)
  3. A one to one Personalised Patient Request Management System

The web app gives users information on real-time hospital bed availability, plasma resources, providers of crucial medications, non-hospital isolation and care facilities, food suppliers, and many other ancillary providers.

Every single day, more resources and providers are always being added, updated, and confirmed. The accurate time information of hospital bed accessibility is based on the official data bulletins of the Telangana State Government.

Our main challenge is the accessibility of quality real-time info. The alliance is linking up with labs and health-centers along with other ecosystem partners which could be a part of its source service teams specifically set up to aid in quick fulfillment of crisis asks, stated Karan S Kumar, who developed the web app.

The 24×7 Helpline gives an alternate method of directly calling in to register a petition. When the petition is enrolled, it is allocated and managed by a set of committed and trained volunteers.

In the circumstance of an overwhelmed medical system, this service aims to enhance the need and supply of critical caution provided by the very dynamic nature of information concerning hospital admissions and discharges. Even though there’s absolutely no assurance of finding the essential mattress into the registrants, the volunteers use a multi-tiered request fulfillment version on a best effort basis, including various resource service classes, real-time dashboards of all sanitized information, and fast auto broadcasting around the social networking sphere to increase the chance of timely fulfillment of their request.

Currently, CSIA members comprise Surge ImpactRubarooCyber JagruthiFeed the NeedyPHCCamp DiariesTSIGKritiKriya Sangh SocietyAIC-IIITH FoundationYuvathaSri ChakraTotal GasT-HopeHRH Next Contact CentreSalesforceThe Deverakonda FoundationWorldview EducationThe Collective Artists Network, and several other voluntary and corporate partners.