Contract To Hire Staffing Solutions

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Professional, intuitive, and timely contracting services are essential when you need someone to get the job done – right now! Whether you need resources to deliver a project or specific skills to supplement those you already have, in-house contracting is the ideal solution.

The essential advantage of our Contract to Hire staffing solutions is that if you need to temporarily try out talent before deciding to introduce them to your payroll, we can ensure that this is a seamless transition. Not only do we aim to help you with your current staffing needs, but we also seek to build a long-lasting relationship with you.

A contract-to-hire job can be a win-win for both the employer and employee. These are short-term positions that typically vary for anywhere from three months up to a year, with the opportunity to become full-time, permanent jobs at the end of the contract.

The vast majority of today’s job seekers want flexibility in their work lives. They don’t want to be stuck in a job or culture where they are not a fit. That’s where a contract-to-hire job can be a blessing. This short-term job can provide an employee with a way to test-drive a job (and a company, too), without worrying about being stuck in a position that they don’t like or want.

Our industry contract to hire specialists will equip you to assess our talented candidates in action before extending a full-time offer or making a long-term commitment. Please take advantage of the power of our extensive knowledge and expertise of the job market and our resume database of qualified candidates to connect with the professionals you need on a contract basis before hiring them.

We entirely take care of securing the best candidates according to your unique requirements. LeadConnect Consultancy Services’ senior recruiter’s source selects and screens only the outstanding candidates to make sure they match the skills, abilities, attitude, and competence that you need to scale swiftly.

As the client, you’ll have access to industry-leading time-sheeting and payroll solutions that ensure your contractors are paid on time and invoices are sent as per your business’ specific needs. Our contract-to-hire specialist recruitment consultants work alongside both candidates and clients, connecting highly skilled people with fantastic temporary and permanent job opportunities while supporting the local communities we work with.

Contract To Hire Staffing Solutions

LeadConnect delivers dynamic contract to hire benefits that will help you stay future-proof

Whether you are looking to fill short or long-term assignments on a contract-to-hire basis, we offer access to a preferred pool of highly skilled professionals across a range of industries and specializations.

We thrive on turning your business challenges into strategic growth opportunities by quickly identifying and attracting top-performing and highly experienced candidates that meet your business demands and fit your team.

We are uniquely positioned to make expert matches with mid to senior-level professionals equipped with the specific skills to fit your role requirements and company culture in a remote or on-site capacity and contract or temp-to-hire basis.

The bottom line is that we devote the same energy, commitment, and enthusiasm and utilize the same expert tactics, tools, and technology when filling our contract roles as we do in our permanent executive search recruitment process. Our contract to hire staffing solutions experts provides the personalized service we are known for and tap into our immense professional network of thoroughly vetted and highly qualified candidates.

Boasting a wide range of sought-after skills, education, certifications, specialties, and real-world experience, our exceptionally competent and accomplished contract candidates are professional and proficient with sound business acumen and capable of enthusiastically leading and successfully delivering in complex roles.

As we collaborate with you, our clients, we aim to exceed expectations, promise to act with integrity, and vow to work with grit at every stage of the placement process. Our ultimate goal is to nurture long-term relationships rooted in a trusted partnership that continually creates value, delivers success, and achieves goals for your business.

  • Save on costs – Instantly fill critical positions with top talent while preventing the expenses such as workers’ benefits and compensation related to full-time hires.
  • Assess before hiring – Take a more informed hiring decision after assessing our top talent in action.
  • Hire the best fit – Our staffing experts will understand your culture, needs, and processes to ensure that the resources are ready to meet your expectations.
  • Meet your project needs – Address the needs of your specific projects while assessing candidates for long-term roles.
  • Leverage flexibility – Secure top talent for your organization while you leverage the liberty and flexibility to handle urgent tasks as per your schedule.
  • Take the final call – Evaluate the effectiveness of additional resources in your existing workforce to measure the value imparted to your workflow and productivity. Then you decide if the augmentations are worth it.

By appointing us to manage your contract-to-hire process, you will benefit from a single point of contact for all of your company’s recruitment needs, which means your HR division and management teams won’t have to waste valuable time.

With many years of experience in search and selection, we have developed an extensive network of exceptional candidates who can be contacted to support these activities to guarantee the best available shortlist.

Whatever your specific need, LeadConnect Consultancy Services has access to a wide range of specialist skills and the ability to source skillsets and roles to meet your requirements. Talk to our specialists today to see what we can do for you.

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