Europe’s Prominent Crypto Exchange, Coinsbit India, has announced the launching of a large-scale Coinsbit India Token (CIN) airdrop from April 9th. CIN, made especially for the initiation of the market, provides access to unique attributes on trade together with bonuses and privileges. The first value of this CIN token will be $0.10, with a complete source of 100bn tokens.

To establish Europe’s most prominent and award-winning cryptocurrency trading platform in India, Coinsbit India has declared India’s biggest ever airdrop. The company will be giving out complimentary CIN tokens worth $200 (2000 CIN Token) for every sign-up and KYC to engage new and existing users who wish to research Coinsbit India’s core base of efficiency, scalability, confidence, transparency, and security.

While announcing the airdrop, the CMO of Coinsbit India, Akshit Khanna, spoke about revolutionizing the Indian cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He explained India is one of the most significant landmarks for digital transformation.

Over the last couple of decades, India has demonstrated the fastest growth. Additionally, the rise of bank accounts openings in India has become the greatest over the last couple of years. However, the difficulty in these mechanics is that there’s no real incentive or benefit since there’s no prospect of an increase in the underlying asset.

Coinsbit India Token (CIN) : $0.10

Overall Supply: 100Bn (CIN) tokens

History’s largest CIN airdrop is going to be online from 09/04/2021 to 09/07/2021. The most significant airdrop effort ever will see billions of values of CIN tokens assigned to the clients of their Coinsbit India pocket together to market the platform and usefulness of those tokens.

How to Receive Free CIN tokens?

Each of the users who register on the site will get $200 worth of CIN tokens in their pocket upon finishing their KYC. Detailed instructions and measures are available on the site. 

The Coinsbit India platform is also operating India’s Biggest Referral Program to provide more chances to make tokens based on referral bonus, even when they encourage their friends based on the next 5-level reward system together with No Caps:

1 level – $100 at CIN tokens

2 level – $50 at CIN tokens

3 level – $25 at CIN tokens

4 level – $10 at CIN tokens

5 level – $5 at CIN tokens.

Other benefits

CIN Token will not observe that a people purchase and can only be issued via sign-ups, referrals, trading contests, social networking challenges, and staking. Enormous rewards will be awarded to the many active users with the most extensive referral base. There’ll be five prizes, again, as follows:

1st place – $5000 

2nd place – $3000

3rd place – $1000

4th place – $500

5th place – $300

You will find staking rewards for consumers according to СIN holdings and trading quantity, plus they’ll get a 25% reduction on trading charges by paying in CIN. An extra cashback at CIN tokes predicated on VIP amounts on trading commission will be computed and credited to their wallet in CIN tokens.