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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), often referred to as Information Technology-Enabled Services (ITES), is outsourcing where the operations-specific business function is contracted to a third-party service provider. Given that most business processes include automation, IT “enables” these services to be performed.

The industry has seven sub-sectors: contact centers, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and back offices, software development, computer animation, game development, medical transcription, and engineering design. With a distinctive blend of BPO recruitment and consulting services across India, we partner with clients across multiple sectors to attract, engage and retain world-class talent.

BPO primarily helps increase a firm’s flexibility in its resources management, core competencies, and overall organization. By contracting out a few of their organization functions, firms can reduce their variable costs to respond to changes a lot more efficiently. Moreover, BPO enables huge bureaucratic companies to downsize to a smaller but more entrepreneurial and efficient company.
Countries such as India is the common destinations of outsourcing.

We provide a premium service that is Prompt, Professional, and Reliable. All our campaigns are tailored to your specific requirements. We offer the most cost-effective rates available, along with the most experienced team of telemarketers and managers. Our average is a 78% positive response rate across all industries. We know what works – what doesn’t and how to get great results.

Why choose us? We are an Indian BPO recruitment company that values excellence. We make it a priority to train and give you a versatile team of professionals ready to help you increase ROI, customer satisfaction rates, and loyalty— taking you further one step at a time.

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Reduce you operational costs and stay competitive with our BPO recruitment solutions

At LeadConnect Consultancy Services, we recognize the evolving nature of the BPO industry and provide flexible and reliable BPO recruitment solutions designed to suit our client’s needs. We maintain flexibility in our contractual agreements and solutions, and the accessibility of our BPO recruitment process reflects our dedication to supporting our client’s growth and expansion.

India has gained significant attraction as a BPO location based upon the availability of professionals with the needed language skills, cultural affinity with the United States (the primary BPO market), and strong customer service orientation of its workforce. The Indian government has openly recognized the industry as the vital driving force for growth and also employment.

Our BPO recruitment process helps clients achieve substantial, positive, and sustainable impact in their performance by helping them in the recruitment of the best available talent.

Why companies choose to use our BPO recruitment services?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) recruitment is no longer about mere cost-cutting; it has evolved to be able to deliver:

  • Time to focus on core business concerns
  • Increased workflow flexibility
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiencies to suit an increase in volume
  • Improved staff retention and job satisfaction 
  • Client satisfaction and better serviceability 
  • Reduced financial risk

Many large enterprises began to outsource part or all of their telemarketing and customer care to slash costs. This strategy is also now embraced by small to mid-sized businesses due to its accessibility and cost-effectiveness. However, finding the right company to provide reliable call center services can be frustrating and tedious.

Your search can stop now. Our level of expertise serves to alleviate all cultural and language concerns and provides peace of mind with management teams based in India and Chennai. LeadConnect Consultancy Services offers companies the opportunity to access a wide range of reliable and affordable call center solutions to suit their ever-increasing business demands.

Contact us today and learn how our top-notch BPO recruitment service can help your business save up to 80%!

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