Cancer is a major cause of death worldwide, accounting for almost 10 million deaths in 2020, and 90% of these deaths were due to metastasis – that is, the procedure for the principal tumor dispersing to secondary organs within the body. Mestastop Solutions Pvt Limited is a biotechnology company dedicated to producing new innovative solutions to deal with the life-taking danger of cancer metastasis.

Launched in 2018, this startup aims to out-license, collaborate, or associate with their IP to market new drug discovery, drug repurposing, and predictive diagnostics for metastasis. The business is located in Koramangala, in which they have their lab in the advanced BioNEST center of IKP Eden. Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhury, together with his better half, Dr. Debabani Roy Chowdhury, will be the brains behind the startup that appears to bring a revolution in cancer therapy.

“Our vision is to be ‘that the metastasis pros ‘, by producing a world-class R&D centered on metastasis, leveraging the unique advantages of being in India. We’re bringing together a cross-functional group, trained in discovery, diagnostics, and AI,” states Arnab, the Creator of Mestastop Solutions. 

Mestastop is in the company producing IP. The two largest challenges in metastasis study were the absence of understanding and elucidation of this metastasis biology and the characterization of the authentic metastatic cells. Mestastop spent the first season exploring and deciphering both of these puzzles. Now, they’re into the translational research field, where individual tumor samples are gathered and isolated. The characterization of these individual tumors through the proprietary assay system and the following advice derived from it aids the team in making a predictive system for metastasis analysis.

In an extremely brief time, Mestastop Solutions has gained considerable popularity on international platforms. They chose them for demonstration at the two most prestigious international conferences on cancer, the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Seminar 2021 (AACR) and the European Association of Cancer Research 2021 (EACR). Mestastop Solutions has also been vetted from the biggest Scientific outsourcing system Science Exchange and recorded on their site as authorized service providers.

Arnab stated, “This was the toughest part since I wanted others to find out exactly what I was visiting, so I needed to select the complexity away from the issue and present it only. On the other hand, the paradox was when the problem was straightforward, why was it not resolved? When it had been complicated, how do you resolve it?”.

We created Mestastop solutions on account of the trust families and friends had in the reason. Arnab was endorsed by a good leadership group, including distinguished scientists and clinicians, that encouraged his eyesight. Together with the amounts and practical information, Mestastop can also bring Mumbai Angels, Vistari Ventures, IKP, and key opinion leaders such as Dr. Arjun Surya, CSO of all Curadev Pharma, on board. Nonetheless, this is only the beginning for them. With the present patient information that they have, the creators think that multiple investors will stream in, and the corporation will soon be out in the public domain.

Mestastop Solutions has exciting plans for its near future wherein they’ve partnered with a group in South Korea, Immunobiome Inc., which will be focusing on Mestastop engineered cell-based proprietary creature models. After these are standardized, they will have substantial proof of theory from in vitro to in vivo studies, together with patient-derived xenografts that will assist them in raising capital for growth and designing the diagnostic and discovery arms under a single roof.

Together with visionaries like Arnab and Debabani, who think that India may be the heart of Biotechnology invention; not generation, not solutions, not just generics or biosimilars, but we must find out exactly what Mestastop Solutions are likely to do, to change the paradigms in cancer treatment and therapy.